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Since the Industrial Age spurred the increasing usage of fossil fuels for energy production, the weather has been warming slowly. The temperature of the earth has increased by 1 degree Celsius since 1880.
Check out this infographic on Climate Change by Learn
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Not Sure Where to Find Your Daily Source of Vitamins & Minerals, here's a handy Cheat Sheet, courtesy of [Read More]

Save More Than The Planet When You Shop Ecology


Work + Shopping + Maintenance = Time spent
40 hours + 5.04 hours + 2 1.5 hours = 66.54 hours per week.

The editors at  Masters In Human Resources Degree Guide decided to research the topic of: Living With Less: America's Quest for Simplicity. Take a look at this infographic on how much stuff we had in 1950 compared to now...[Read More]

Designing for a Good Cause

Architect James Ramsey and artist Lara Apponyi’s dollhouse might not attract too much visual attention; it is void of color and has only one floor. But that’s because it’s not meant for someone who can see. It’s meant for a child who is blind.  [Read More]

ecoClocks: Energy-Expanding Ideas


Time for a Change?
Get Ready to Expand your Mind, Learn a few things about Energy, and Re-consider your own Time Machines. [Read More]

What Country is the Best at Recycling?

Recycling Winners - What's their Secret?
There's one country that scores nearly 100% for recycling glass bottles.  Do you know which one it is? [Read More]

10 Must-Haves for Camping, Pad Crashing, Emergencies and Everyday

 Be Ready for Anything
There's nothing like a camping trip to help you re-think how you live everyday.[Read More]

Spring Cleaning? How to Choose Safe Products

New Breakthrough Guide

How many cleaning products do you have in your home?  Take a minute and count them and include: air fresheners, floor cleaners, dishwashing detergents, fabric softeners, furniture polish, etc.  Surprised?  [Read More]

Debunking Veganism Myths

Myth: Being A Vegan is Expensive

The vegan lifestyle is often misunderstood. This infographic debunks some of the myths about being a vegan.
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World Water Day

Our World of Water

March 22nd, 2012 was World Water Day; a chance to embrace our planet’s most precious resource.  In case you missed it, we’ve put together a World Water Day Experience!  [Read More]

The Global Scoop on Pet Poop

What Pet Owners Need to Know

Most people pick up their pet’s poop because they know it’s the right thing to do.  For the rest who don’t pick up....maybe this will change your mind.   [Read More]

America's Big Future

Take a Bite Out of Health Care Costs
Health care cost are rising as Americans get fatter, obesity rates have doubled in some states. Health Care for obese people in the US totals over $100 Billion annually.  Americans spend almost $100 Billion on fast food each year. America's future is looking fat, but, not in a good way.
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Do you have a Flashlight that always Works?


 The Smart Flashlight
Are any of your flashlights working right now...or do they need batteries again?  There is a better way.  [Read More]

May 19th is Food Revolution Day

Stand Up for Real Food

What is Food Revolution Day?

With 43 million kids under 5 years old overweight or obese, award-winning chef and real food activist, Jamie Oliver, has set out to change things!  He has created a movement to bring millions together and inspire a nation to fight obesity with better food.  What's his plan?  [Read More]

Food Rules

Food Rule #7

Avoid food products containing ingredients that a third-grader cannot pronounce.
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Healthy Recipes for Kids

The Supernatural Kids Cookbook - Kid Tested and Mother Earth Approved
by Nancy Mehagian
foreword by Bridget Fonda

Imagine having 70 easy recipes for dinner, snacks and even desserts that are not only healthy, but also kid-tested and in ONE book.

Every time we make one of these recipes, my son gives two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Here’s what’s different about this book: [Read More]

Soylent Green, Sci-Fi or ecoChallenge?

Food For Thought
In 2022, the Earth is overpopulated, polluted and natural resources have been exhausted....cautionary tale or insightful prediction?
 [Read More]

Folio Cover For The Kindle Fire


Got butterfingers and a new Kindle Fire?

If you've recently purchased or received a Kindle Fire and suffer from "butterfingers", you'll want to protect it from damage.  [Read More]

World’s Solution for Safe Water?


A New Inventor
Jonathan Liow, Solarball Designer
Could this Solarball solve the world’s access to safe drinking water?  Here’s why there’s so much buzz about it...   [Read More]

Coffee Shop Buzz

Did You Know?

Did you know that paper coffee cups are lined with PLASTIC?

Yes, it’s true!  And, that’s why you don’t see recycling bins in coffee shops.  The Paper Cups are NOT Recyclable!   [Read More]

Reusable Chopsticks to the Rescue

What Will You Choose to Do?
Don’t think changing Just One Thing can make a difference? In China, every year…. 57 billion pairs of chopsticks are used ONE TIME…then thrown away. That’s 130 million chopsticks every day!  [Read More]


Wrap a Gift, Save a Bird and more...
Taking a reusable bag to extreme multi-use function!   [Read More]

Meet The Kindles


What Makes Kindle “Fire” so Hot?
The Fire has more features than any other e-book reader on the addition to reading,  [Read More]

Holidays: 12 Earth-Friendly Tips

'Tis the Season we celebrate the’s a perfect time to think about ways to take care of where we live and make a closer connection to the earth. What does that mean?      [Read More]

Recycling Center: Close-Up

The Real Story of Stuff
If you want to really know what happens to stuff, visit your local recycling center...guaranteed to change how you think.  [Read More]

What's A Kindle?

...and, Why Would You Want to Buy a Kindle?
If you don't mind carrying around piles of books, then a Kindle is not for you. But if you'd like to fit over 3,000 books in your coat you can!  [Read More]

How to Choose a Water Bottle You`ll Love


Easy Steps to "The One"
With more and more options available, how do you know which is the right bottle for you? [Read More]

The Trick to Good Treats

Re-thinking Halloween
If you’re a teen, are you afraid of the breakouts your skin will have after Halloween? 
If you’re a parent, are you afraid of your child turning into a living nightmare? 
If you’re opening your home to trick or treaters, do you feel good about the treats you’re giving out?  [Read More]

Living with Nature: Love Your Leaves

Are you Blowing Money Away?
How did the quest to rid yards of leaves grow into a nationwide culture of leaf-blowing?  [Read More]

Blue IQ Minature Ecosystem

Watch Nature at Work
Educational, Enlightening, Calming, and Entertaining.  Not a terrarium...but a living, life-supporting environment.  [Read More]

5 Cool Ways to Green Your School Year

Be an Eco-Leader on Campus
What would it be like to head back to school with eco gear that really rocks? Check out our top-rated winners:  [Read More]

Teens Turning Green 30-Day Challenge

 Fun and Great Prizes
You could win a $5000 college scholarship and other super cool eco goodies [Read More]

Why Go Green?  

Easy Ways to Save Money

How much can you save by Going Green?  You may be surprised how simple steps can really add up.  See how...[Read More]

How One Business Saved a Village

The Story Behind Award-Winning Tea
Did you know that one cup of white tea contains the same amount of antioxidants as 10 cups of apple juice? [Read More]

Why Are Countries Banning Plastic Bags?

The Side of Plastic No One Imagined
Why are countries banning plastic bags?  The answer may surprise you.  [Read More]

Seeds of Change

Just Do It

Have you ever noted the days when you decide to do something completely different?  I call those Decision Days…and this is one of my favorites that will go on and on...  [Read More]

Bill McKibben - The Future of Eaarth

Why He's Taking Radical Action...
Bill McKibben
…if you don’t know his name…you will soon.  [Read More]