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Meet The Kindles
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Meet The Kindles

Tags: Kindle Keyboard, e book reader, Meet The Kindles

Posted November 29, 2011 by eco 

What Makes Kindle “Fire” so Hot?
The Fire has more features than any other e-book reader on the addition to reading,  you can check email, browse the Internet, listen to songs, watch movies, TV shows, maybe play a few games or read magazines and children's color! 

The Kindle Fire is an affordable option for people who want a basic portable computer for surfing the Web, downloading books, music and movies. 

There's so many tablet computers on the market, the most obvious comparison is how it stacks up to an iPad. The Fire has a 7-inch screen compared to iPad's  9.7-inch display, and, at $199, the Kindle Fire is $300 cheaper than the iPad.

The Kindle Fire doesn't match the iPad feature for feature, it doesn't have a camera, video chat service or a microphone. The Fire is Wi-Fi-only, users can browse the internet and download content (like books from Amazon) only when there's a connection. Then, of course, there's battery life, the Fire has about 8 hours compared to 10 hours for the iPad.

Even though the Kindle Fire has fewer bells and whistles, The Kindle Fire's primary purpose is to deliver Amazon's content more efficiently. And, it accomplished that without burning through your bank account.


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