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How to Choose a Water Bottle You`ll Love
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How to Choose a Water Bottle You`ll Love

Tags: Alex, glass, Lifefactory, stainless steel, water bottle

Posted October 25, 2011 by maryzakrasek


Easy Steps to "The One"
With more and more options available, how do you know which is the right bottle for you?


Here are few simple ways to narrow down your choices and find a water bottle you’ll use everyday. 1. Do you want the Safest water bottle possible?
If your answer is yes, a Glass Container is for you. There isn’t anything safer than glass.

But, take a minute to re-think purchasing….do you already HAVE a glass container?
If you’re just using it at work or home, this could be a free solution. Usually, something with a wider mouth makes it easy to fill and use, such as a juice or tea bottle. I have a modern-looking VOSS glass container that I fill every day with my own water put in the refrigerator and enjoy a frosty treat.

2. Do you want the Safest water bottle that can take some bumps and drops?
A glass bottle with a silicone wrap is the way to go. Silicone is still showing itself as being safe. The silicon lasts forever, so plan to keep it around….otherwise, you score zero points for getting it into the environment.

We like Lifefactory. The glass is made in France and the rest of the parts are made in the US and Europe.  Lifefactory bottles are convenient for cleaning as the sleeve and bottle can both be put in a dishwasher.  



3. Do you want a bottle without any chance of breaking?
Your solution is stainless steel. Two issues with stainless steel bottles are that they can dent if dropped and there may be some leaching. Some people claim they can taste the metal.

There is a brand new stainless steel water bottle that is making headlines. It’s the award-winning ALEX. Because it twists apart in the middle…and you can easily clean it…there’s no need to buy a bottle brush.

You can also put it in the dishwasher. The company looks like they’re taking every step to make this the stainless steel bottle to have. Made in Indonesia.

And, most importantly, know that every time you don’t use a plastic bottle, you’re friending the earth!