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Folio Cover For The Kindle Fire
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Folio Cover For The Kindle Fire

Tags: Kindle Keyboard, e book reader, Meet The Kindles, folio, cover

Posted January 10, 2012 by eco 

Got butterfingers and a new Kindle Fire?

If you've recently purchased or received a Kindle Fire and suffer from "butterfingers", you'll want to protect it from damage. 

We've found an affordable solution; it's the lightweight MicroShell Folio Cover by Marware, (an official "Made for Kindle" accessory). This sleek, lightweight cover protects your Kindle Fire and stands it horizontally for hands-free reading and viewing. The MicroShell Folio features a hard polycarbonate back shell fused to a rubberized front lid that offers ultra-light protection from scratches and mild impact.

The front lid folds back and inserts into the groove on the back of the polycarbonate shell, the weight of the Kindle Fire stabilizes the cover in the standing position, and bingo! - it's now hands-free.

For added convenience and protection, the elastic strap is heat-fused to the back shell and secures the MicroShell Folio open or closed. The Marware Folio Case can't protect it from every accident, like, say a prolonged swim in the rinse cycle, but, it does a good job in most occurrences of the dreaded "butterfingers".

The Folio Case is offered in White, Black, Graphite and Pink.

The Marware Microshell Folio is Available for $29.99 at SHOP ECOLOGY »