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The Global Scoop on Pet Poop
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The Global Scoop on Pet Poop

Tags: pets, dogs, pet fines, dog poop

Posted November 10, 2012 by maryzakrasek

What Pet Owners Need to Know

Most people pick up their pet’s poop because they know it’s the right thing to do.  For the rest who don’t pick up....maybe this will change your mind.  

Health Issue?  Yes...a Big One!  
“3.6 billion pounds of dog poop per year is produced in the United States alone, equaling 800 football fields, one foot high.”  LIPA USA Reports.
Guess where it all ends up when it rains?    Storm drains, creeks and rivers...which all lead to the Ocean.
Morro Bay, Caliornia: Dogs contribute roughly 10% of the E. coli, according to Christopher Kitts, a microbiologist at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo. "And that can be the difference between a beach closing and a beach not closing."   

Four Mile Run in Arlington and Fairfax counties Virginia:  Studies show that dogs add to the contamination in this suburban Washington, D.C. stream. Officials calculate that the 12,000 dogs living in Four Mile Run's watershed leave more than 5,000 pounds of "solid waste" every day.

Boise River in Boise: The river suffers from high bacteria levels that make it unsuitable for swimming. Testing of streams and drainpipes flowing into the river showed that in urban areas, dogs were a leading culprit.

Hefty Fines 
In Paris, there are 70 motorized pooper scoopers (known as "caninettes") that vacuum dog waste from its streets and sidewalks at a cost of 8.4 million per year covered by taxpayers.  
Still, more than 650 people each year wind up in the hospital with broken bones as a result of slipping on the stuff.

Other cities encourage pick-ups with stiff fines....
$250 in LA,  $500 in Boulder and $750 in London.

The High-Tech Solution
This year, there’s even a new high tech solution that is in place on the island of Capri.
Determined to maintain the pristine setting it is known for, the Mayor of Capri plans to take advantage of an existing law requiring all canines to have a blood test.  This gives the city DNA information that can be matched to pet poop that isn’t picked up.  What’s the fine?   2,000 Euros...or $2,651 in US dollars.  

The Most Ecological Solution
We found a pet waste disposal system that works like a home septic system.  It’s called the Doggie Dooley.  It reduces dog waste to a ground absorbing liquid that is harmless to pets, lawns and shrubs.

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