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Coffee Shop Buzz

Tags: coffee, porcelain cups, reusable cup

Posted December 23, 2011 by maryzakrasek

Did You Know?

Did you know that paper coffee cups are lined with PLASTIC?

Yes, it’s true!  And, that’s why you don’t see recycling bins in coffee shops.  The Paper Cups are NOT Recyclable!   

I don’t know about you, but I found both of these facts disturbing.  One, I don’t like drinking out of plastic...especially hot drinks, and I somehow thought coffee shops were recycling the paper cups.

Why is a plastic liner used?  Evidently, it prevents hot liquids from leaking.

So, I just had to look up how many disposable cups are used worldwide every year.  Can you guess?

100, 200, 300, 400?  No....500 Billion!  Wow...that's unimaginable. All those cups...going into landfills? 

But, wait...if everyone brought reusable cups to say, Starbucks, they calculated that over a MILLION tons of wood, TWO BILLION pounds of carbon dioxide and FOUR BILLION gallons of water could be saved every year.  

According to Starbucks, that’s more carbon dioxide than would be emitted if the entire population of San Francisco got in their cars and drove to New York... And it’s enough water to supply all of Los Angeles for 8 days!  That's just one coffee chain.

Of course, the hardest part about bringing a reusable mug to a coffee shop, is...actually remembering to bring it! 

One way to solve that problem is to have a container you LOVE to drink out of.  When I tried the Eco Cup, I found it so enjoyable to drink out of, that it's the only one I want to use.  It's made of porcelain so drinks taste pure and the container feels fine and smooth. A surprising plus is that because of its vertical shape, beverages stay hotter longer.

Try taking a reusable container in for your drinks, and see what happens.  Here’s what I experienced the first time I did it:

I packed our porcelain Eco Cups in a tote bag and brought them to our local Peet’s.

Timing is everything. Just as we were coming up to the counter, a young staff member was hauling a huge bag of garbage out.  When we ordered, we handed our containers over…and suddenly, all the staff got involved!

Well, I must say, I enjoyed the bonus amount of coffee I received, the discount on our drinks for bringing reusable containers (now you know!) and all the good vibes that were created.

And, I especially savored the moment when we walked past the trash container and left ZERO WASTE! Yeah!

Try it and let us know your experiences. Click here for our favorite porcelain mug.