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Seeds of Change
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Seeds of Change

Tags: garden, herbs, salad, seeds

Posted September 13, 2011 by maryzakrasek

Just Do It

Have you ever noted the days when you decide to do something completely different?  I call those Decision Days…and this is one of my favorites that will go on and on... 

My decision day this summer was July 4th….I decided I was going to plant a garden in our backyard….a garden full of vegetables.

Today, September 13th, I am picking green beans, lemon basil, chives, squash flowers, broccoli rapini and baby beet leaves.

Oh, what a glorious salad this made. 

As I marveled at the bursts of flavor, I thought about how planting just one seed can open up a whole new world. I thought about all the flavors we are not experiencing by only buying food in stores or eating in restaurants. And, I thought about all the personal joy of achievement, wonder and connection with the earth that we are missing when we don’t grow food.

It’s simple to start…choose an herb you like and watch what happens!
If you’re feeling ambitious, here’s an assortment of 12 Culinary Seeds and a Starter Kit.

Let us know your experiences!