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What Country is the Best at Recycling?
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What Country is the Best at Recycling?

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Posted July 14, 2013 by eco

Recycling Winners - What's their Secret?
There's one country that scores nearly 100% for recycling glass bottles.  Do you know which one it is?

Did you know that Japan has a glass bottle return rate of nearly 100%? And, it recycles or composts almost all of its other waste...sending only 16% to landfills. Other countries, such as Austria, also have high success rates. In comparison, the US sends almost 70% of its waste to landfills. 
What’s making the difference?

Here are some ideas to consider making part of your Holiday Celebration: Create natural decorations from gourds, pine cones, leaves, interesting rocks, and branches.  In California, the pyracantha bushes are full of orange and scarlet berries that could make a spectacular wreath.  

Japan has rigid laws and regulations to enforce recycling.  Trash is picked up daily and must be separated. Austria has bottle banks at every supermarket that pays 10-40 cents per bottle.
There are free paper collections once a month and they use biowaste for energy production. In Switzerland, waste has to be put in a rubbish bag with a sticker on it.  Each sticker costs one euro.  So the less you throw out, the less you pay. One way or another, it comes down to personal responsibility for finding ways to use less and make sure materials are getting recycled.
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