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Do you have a Flashlight that always Works?
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Do you have a Flashlight that always Works?

Tags: BoGo Light, flashlight, solar, solar flashlight, LED

Posted September 5, 2012 by maryzakrasek


 The Smart Flashlight
Are any of your flashlights working right now...or do they need batteries again?  There is a better way. 

This Week's Favorite is the Solar Powered Mini BoGo Light.
Halloween wasn't half as scary this year because I had my favorite BoGo light flashlight with me.  With conventional flashlights, I would keep turning them off to save battery power.  But with a 6 hour charge on a solar-powered BoGo light, I could keep it on and not worry. 

With everyone else's flashlight getting dimmer through the night, it was a great feeling to know the BoGo had hours to go...and then, could be re-charged by the sun!  It's amazingly lightweight...and has a carabiner on the end that is part of the body of the flashlight...a brilliant design feature!

I've also been using the BoGo light every night to read to my son.  It has a soft flood of light that is just right.  We don't have to have any other lights we are off the grid!  

Here's a comparison chart between conventional flashlights and the solar-powered BoGo Light that shows why it's a super-smart choice.






The light is great to have around for emergencies or more adventurous times when exploring caves, camping, or sailing (it's waterproof!).  I hope I won't be giving away any surprises, but this will be one of my favorite holiday gifts to give.