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Healthy Recipes for Kids
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Healthy Recipes for Kids

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Posted January 25, 2012 by maryzakrasek

The Supernatural Kids Cookbook - Kid Tested and Mother Earth Approved
by Nancy Mehagian
foreword by Bridget Fonda

Imagine having 70 easy recipes for dinner, snacks and even desserts that are not only healthy, but also kid-tested and in ONE book.

Every time we make one of these recipes, my son gives two enthusiastic thumbs up!

Here’s what’s different about this book:

1.  The recipes are Healthy and Super-Simple to prepare.

2.  It’s written for kids.  That’s right....with a little guidance, children can create all of these dishes.  Having your child help choose healthy ingredients at the store and put them together into something the whole family enjoys is so empowering, well, it makes them feel like a “Supernatural Kid”.

3. The recipes are all kid tested.  Let your child know that fact, and their curiosity about what other foods kids like will have them asking to make all of these.

4. The recipes have names that create imagery for adventures such as Frog Pond Farm Soup and Monkey Muffins.  

The Supernatural Kids Cookbook is a winner...and also makes a great birthday gift for kids.  Available in Shop Ecology.

The author, Nancy Mehagian, has been called the “Picasso of the Potato”.  She opened the first vegetarian restaurant on the island of Ibiza and in 1977, wrote the first vegetarian health food cookbook for kids.