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Tags: Baggu, reusable bag, gift wrap, eco wrap

Posted December 5, 2011 by maryzakrasek

Wrap a Gift, Save a Bird and more...
Taking a reusable bag to extreme multi-use function!  

It’s called a “BAGGU” (designed by mother-daughter team Joan and Emily in California, pronounced “BAG-GOO”, it's the Japanese word for bag)
This bag is so lightweight that you won’t even know it’s in your purse....until you need a bag.  Then, you’ll feel a sense of relief that you have one....pull it out, and Voila!  You’re ready to go!  

And, you can make your holiday gifts unique while adding an eco touch that won’t be forgotten.  Wrap your gifts in Baggus!  Here’s how it’s done:

Most people just forget to bring their reusable bag with them and end up using another paper or plastic bag.  That won’t happen with Baggus....because they’re so easy to keep with you at all times.  

I’ve used mine for 6 years already and it has no signs of wearing out.  It’s saved me so many times....and I’ve even used it to save a bird!

I just have to tell you a quick story about that...

My friend and I were in a park with our two children, when my son said, “Mom, something’s wrong with a bird in that tree”.  We went to take a look, and sure enough, the bird had gotten caught in some plastic netting material that was now wound around its neck and caught on a branch.  Its wings were flapping and it was very scared.

I ran to get scissors from a nearby park office.  Then, we decided we needed some way to hold the bird’s wings....and that’s when I pulled out my Baggu!  We wrapped the bird, calmly talking to it....then cut the netting.  

My friend, gently held the bird wrapped in my Baggu while we walked to where there was a quiet spot to let him go.  He took flight right away and headed for a tall tree. 

It was an unforgettable experience for all of us...and a most unusual but fantastic use for a Baggu. 


You’ll be wrapping paper-free and have a bag that is so indestructible and stylish that it’s called the “It bag of the future!”  Tell us about your experiences with Baggu.

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