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5 Cool Ways to Green Your School Year
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5 Cool Ways to Green Your School Year

Tags: green, journal, kindle, school, solar backpack, thermos, water bottle

Posted September 26, 2011 by maryzakrasek

Be an Eco-Leader on Campus
What would it be like to head back to school with eco gear that really rocks? Check out our top-rated winners:  

1. Charge up all your gadgets with a Solar Backpack – free yourself from being tied to electrical outlets and never be without power again.





  2. The Alex Water Bottle: Transformers meet Water Bottles with a revolutionary twist that just won the 2011 Green Design Award.
They’re CLEANable, COMPACTable, customSIZEable and even SWAPable.






 3. And, while your friends are getting shoulder slope from hauling around heavy textbooks, you’ll simply pull out your tree-saving Kindle and get them clued into renting textbooks….lightweight and no paper! Plus, the national average for books and supplies at a 4-year public college last year was $1,137. Kindle prices out at just $139. How cool is that?






 4. If you’re headed for a cold winter, your new best friend for 10 hours at a time is the Klean Kanteen Thermos. Guaranteed to be a game-changer for addicts of the disposable coffee cup habit.






  5. Inspire your green consciousness as you write in these journals made by a Canada-based company from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, vegetable-based glue and ink, and corn-based packaging. Want to save time and stay organized all year? Check out these apps….

iHomework $1.99
Study Buddy $0.99
What’s your coolest eco discovery for school? Give us a tweet!